What is Trendline

Premium tool

that presents 12 determining trends for the economic, political, social and cultural future scenarios regionally and globally. . It uses and analyzes more than 400 sources including raw data, interviews with experts, case studies, surveys, among others.

Trendline is updated every three months showing the trend’s life stage in the market and its implications for consumers, industries, and brands. The tool offers a detailed description of its possible manifestations for inspiring future thinking processes.

Stay ahead with Trendline, and be the leader of your market.


Each Trend inside Trendline has four chapters

1. What is it?


What the trend is about
Life Stage

The trend’s actual moment in time.
Where it comes from?

What is the influence for the trend’s existence and its importance for businesses?

2. Present


What are the trend’s distinctive elements?

The trend in the conversation

How does the trend look like in the global conversation?


How influential people and experts approach the trend?


What are the rising polarities created by the trend?

3. Future


What are the elements that influence the trend’s transformation?

Wild Cards

What could drastically change the trend?


How does the trend look like in the future?


How will the trend affect the economic, social, and cultural environments?

4. Businesses

Business Implications

How will the trend influence the way of doing, selling, distributing, and communicating products and services.


Numbers, data, statistics, and specific indicators that show the trend’s progress.


Industrial sectors in which the trend has an impact.

Case studies

How the world of consumption and services are using the trend globally?